Présentation de Sergio Ilarri de l’université de Zaragoza

Le département INFormatique de TSP a le plaisir d’accueillir jeudi 7/6 à 14h en salle C06, Sergio Ilarri de l'université de Zaragoza qui fera une présentation sur le thème suivant : "Supporting Location-Based Requests from Mobile Users".

For the development of location-based services, an effective and efficient management of location-dependent queries (and location-dependent requests in general) is a key issue. In this talk, I will introduce the system LOQOMOTION (LOcation-dependent Queries On Moving ObjecTs In mObile Networks), which processes continuous location-dependent queries submitted by mobile users. The system performs a distributed query processing using mobile agents and is
able to handle different location granularity specifications. I will present the main features of LOQOMOTION with a special emphasis on our recent work and current perspectives to expand the research in this area by using semantic techniques.

Sergio Ilarri is an Associate Professor in the area of Computer Languages and Systems Engineering at the University of Zaragoza (Spain). He did his Phd in 2006 at University of Zaragoza and spent several months as an invited researcher at Chicago (team of Ouri Wolfson) and at Valenciennes (team of Thierry Delot). His main research interests are query processing, location-based services and mobile agents.